Smart Digital Forms

Build accessible, mobile forms with a range of categories. Gain advanced functionality in the palm of your hand.

Gain real-time insights & get custom analytics to help improve your business.

Make faster, more precise and effective decisions that can make a competitive difference and help your business achieve greater efficiency.

Mobile Forms Create Big Savings

Finish forms in the field, not at the office

Complete business forms in minutes from anywhere, anytime – even offline! BONUS: Update headquarters instantly.

Significantly reduce administrative time

Replace your traditional paperwork form system. Your team can complete paperwork on their phone/tablet and upload instantly for you to action.

Build it yourself

With our user- friendly drag and drop builder- building a form doesn’t get any easier than this. See the builder in action for yourself by signing up for a free trial.

Data Capture & Analysis

Capture data accurately and instantly. Record better information with new data types like photos. Make agile business decisions with real time data

Key Features

Annotated Photos

Include photos in your data collection forms for fast, accurate and easy reference


Get sign-off for your data direct on your mobile screen. No more paper filing.

Company Branding

Brand your forms to further enhance customer experience and brand awareness.

Get automated delivery of customised reports.

Set your reports to use data from a specific time period, programmed to delivery on a pre-determined basis

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Build forms yourself with our user-friendly form builder which enable dynamic form fields to feature by simply dragging the item of choice across to the form.

Forms for every industry



Record visits with check-in and check-out features. Improve business operations with real-time notifications


Forms opens  fast and interactive way to capture customer details. Make it easy with categorized KYC forms.


Ideal for site visits and inspections. Add value to your feedback with the photo feature.


Pinpoint insightful agricultural trends and improve farm data accuracy by managing operations from the field.

Use Cases

Sign Off with Business Forms using E- Signature feature
Property Management
Photo Forms: Ideal for Site Visits and Inspections
Providing Innovative Services to pharmaceutical companies
Construction Management
Get Updates Instantly form Site Location