How Does FIGJAM Work

FIGJAM’s app solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your business and aim to enhance productivity, workflow and business operations.

How does FIGJAM work
Improved productivity

Enhance productivity, workflow and business operations

Offering business solutions to African businesses is what we do. FIGJAM’s products are designed to integrate seamlessly into your business and aim to enhance productivity, workflow, business operations, while helping you increase profitability.

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Signing up with FIGJAM gives you the option of choosing between our two products, namely Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Van Sales. Each of these products comes with a personalized web portal for managers to oversee all operations in real time, and a mobile app for field teams to organize, record, and report on tasks assigned to them.

The SFA software is suited to large sales and distribution companies while the Van Sales app is suited to individuals who focus on small scale distribution in informal environments.

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Both the Van Sales and SFA apps provide you with the opportunity to reduce administrative errors and time spent on tedious administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what is most important – sales! Furthermore, with all the business intelligence you could ever need all in one place, your sales management team can make strategic business decisions on the spot.

How FIGJAM works

FIGJAM is dedicated to providing a number of fantastic features, all of which are designed to work for your business. Join us on this revolutionary path towards success and let our team of experts help you custom design your product to suit your every need. Here’s how:

Contact our team for a free demo

Tell us what your needs are

Work closely with our expert team to configure your account

Get your team to join a training session so we can show them how easy it is to use

Let us integrate the software into your existing framework

Enjoy ongoing support from our dedicated support team

Sell, sell, sell!

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