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Businesses that sell goods rely on sales to make a profit. The sales process involves a number of administrative tasks that, if not properly organised, can consume valuable time. At FIGJAM, we believe that time is money, and with our sales force automation app, we save you both.

FIGJAM Sales Force Automation
Sales Force Automation App

What is Sales Force Automation?

We service African businesses that sell goods to other businesses. Sales force automation software is designed to automate administrative tasks involved in the selling process. We believe that successful sales depend on customer satisfaction which, in turn, depends on excellent customer service. Often, administration of sales takes away the opportunity for sales representatives to build a trusting, long-lasting relationship with the buyer. FIGJAM’s software bridges the gap between sales and office teams, streamlining the sales and ordering processes, improving efficiency across the board, and maximising sales opportunities.

Benefits of Sales Force Automation Software

Our sales force automation tool makes the sales process more efficient by:

Improve efficiency

Reduce order delivery processing time and other trade activity processes, and gain a better understanding of market demand, which results in an increase in turnover.

Boost productivity

Equip your team to hold themselves accountable and manage their time effectively. Empowering your field teams will help them close deals and place your product where it belongs.

Reduce costs

Benefit from reductions in operational costs, such as trade travel costs, order turnaround times, out of stock events and retail execution costs.

Increase accuracy

Save money by avoiding needless repetition and mistakes while inputting data manually. This will also lead to improved accuracy, and a better understanding of how well your field team is performing.

Work smarter

Gain a holistic view of your field teams’ activities, wherever you are. It gives you the ability to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Sales Force Automation Dashboard

Sales Force Automation in Africa

Our software is designed with the African business in mind. Most businesses in Africa depend largely on human resources to carry out its operations. FIGJAM’s sales force automation tool aims to fuse human efforts with intelligent technology so that your business can run effectively and optimally.

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