Mobile forms automation software

Our digital forms are designed to revolutionise the process of gathering data in the field by enabling your ground team to record information quickly and accurately using a mobile device.

Custom forms for SFA in Africa

A simple way to automate

Gone are the days of using pen and paper out in the field. FIGJAM’s mobile forms automation software eliminates the need for paper-based administrative tasks and reduces the need for manual entry by pre-populating data. Now, your field team can use their smartphone or tablet to gather valuable data and capture it on site, providing valuable business intelligence to office teams in real time.

Customisable mobile forms

Our drag-and-drop mobile forms are completely customisable and can be curated to meet the needs of your industry. Questionnaires, checklists, image capturing, and signature boxes are just some of the components that can be added to a mobile form.

At FIGJAM, we help you establish what data is needed from the field and we help you design your mobile form according to those requirements. Through our customisable functionality, you can eliminate all unwanted information from your form – saving you time, effort, and money.

Finish forms in the field, not at the office

Complete business forms in minutes from anywhere, anytime – even offline. Headquarters is instantly updated with real-time notifications.

Significantly reduce admin time

Replace your traditional paperwork form system. Your team can fill in forms on their phones/tablets and upload instantly for you to action.

Build forms yourself, for yourself

With our user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality, building a form tailored to your business operations doesn’t get any easier than this.

Automatic data capture and analysis

Capture data accurately and instantly. Diversify your data with photos. Make agile business decisions with real-time analytics.

Forms for every industry


Guards on the ground can record visits with check-in and check-out features. Improve response time with real-time notifications.

Finance & Insurance

Forms open fast and are an interactive way to capture customer details. Make categorisation easy with customised KYC forms.

Property & Construction

Ideal for site visits and property inspections. Add value to your feedback with the photograph upload feature.

Agriculture & Conservation

Pinpoint insightful agricultural trends and improve farm data accuracy, or record vital environmental data by managing operations from the field.

Why Should You Go Digital?

Paper is so last century and in case you didn’t know, digital is the new black. We care about the environment and going digital helps us minimise our environmental footprint. In addition, digital forms help you save tremendous costs on paper and other consumables. It’s a win-win situation really. 

Weightless data-storage is another benefit of using digital forms. You no longer need to keep stacks of paper and space-wasting file cabinets to store valuable data gathered out in the field. Our mobile forms automation software allows you to store years’ worth of information in the cloud, organised in any way you see fit.

SFA Forms custom mobile desktop

Gain real-time insights & get custom analytics to help improve your business.

Make faster, more precise and effective decisions that can make a competitive difference and help your business achieve greater efficiency.