Custom Reporting

Any forward-thinking African business professional knows that success is not built on guesswork. What makes a successful business is the ability to make informed, agile business decisions at the drop of a hat.

SFA Custom reporting
turn data into insigths

Turn your data into insights

FIGJAM recognizes the importance of custom analytics and reporting to help you get a clear understanding of where your company stands at every stage of the sales process.

Custom Analytics and Reporting

Your business’ growth depends on knowing who or what is contributing to its success (or lack thereof). Without analytics and reporting, you are essentially trying to find your way around in the dark.

FIGJAM’s reporting tool links directly to your dashboard, giving you immediate access to valuable information, allowing you to make strategic business moves in a highly competitive market. Our reporting software lets you monitor your sales, manage stock levels, and keep your eye on fast or slow movers, all in real-time. With this information, you can forecast future sales with accuracy and absolute efficiency.

Improve Productivity

Measurability is a key component of any successful business. Without the ability to measure input versus output, you will not know where resources are being wasted. You cannot measure the success of your business simply by the number of sales you make – you need to know exactly what is driving those sales and what is standing in the way of achieving even more. FIGJAM helps you do just that.

Our reporting tools allow you to keep track of your teams and their activities, making it possible to streamline sales processes and improve overall productivity. This, in turn, translates to more sales, faster growth, and increased profitability.

Driven by the need to help African businesses reach their full potential, FIGJAM provides a comprehensive toolset which is not only customisable and user-friendly, but also a catalyst for success.


Improved productivity

Automated delivery of customised reports

Set your reports to use data from a specific time period programmed to deliver on a pre-determined basis.