FIGJAM – Sales Force Automation App

The FIGJAM Sales Force Automation (SFA) app provides managers and field representatives with an easy-to-use mobile interface designed to optimise the sales process.

Sales Force Automation

Our SFA tool integrates seamlessly with your ERP software allowing your sales reps to capture data out in the field, giving office teams direct access to valuable information. Use your custom analytics to forecast future sales and optimise distribution processes.

The Sales Force Automation app has a number of valuable features designed to help you and your sales team minimise administrative errors, understand customer orders, manage stock levels, and better prepare for future selling opportunities.

Enjoy the following features with our SFA software:

Web Portal Integration

A secure cloud portal allows access from anywhere in the world. Receive real-time data captured by field teams and make professional business decisions based on custom analytics.

Accountability & Transparency

Gain a bird’s eye-view of business operations through efficient route planning, geo-fencing, and time stamps.

Sales Force Management

Managers always know where their teams are and what they are doing. Reduce operation times and costs while monitoring sales teams out in the field.

Business Intelligence

Accurate, valuable information at your fingertips to help you make a competitive difference and accelerate business growth.

African businesses can now reach new levels of efficiency by cutting back on administrative tasks, monitoring sales teams’ activities, and maximising sales based on custom analytics and automated reporting.

Automation for African Business

Sales force automation to boost African businesses

Our African inspired business solutions make field service management a walk in the park. Make sure your field teams are carrying out their assigned tasks and use this information to optimise operations, accurately forecast future sales, and build a profitable business in a competitive African market.

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