FIGJAM – Van Sales App

Mobile Warehousing Solutions

FIGJAM’s Van Sales app is designed to revolutionize small-scale distribution in Africa. With our software, you can mobilize your warehouse, bringing stock directly to your customers and streamlining the ordering and distribution process.

Small scale sales from van in Africa
small scale distribution africa

Small-scale Distribution

African entrepreneurs have to work hard and fast to make it in the world of small-scale distribution. The key to success is knowing who and where your customers are and what their ordering patterns are. FIGJAM’s Van Sales app takes the guesswork out of the game.

It helps you know where you are going, who you need to supply, and exactly what you need to supply them with so that you become your own mobile distribution centre. With our user-friendly mobile app, you can stock up your vehicles with all the right products, and simplify your daily operations. Work offline, capture real-time data on site, and sync all information with your ERP software so that you and your office team always have your fingers on the pulse.

Our Van Sales solution offers you the opportunity to increase sales, significantly reduce business costs, and cut down on admin errors. The result is improved customer satisfaction, which ultimately translates to more sales and greater profitability.

Small scale Distribution automated for Africa

Our software brings value to your organisation by:

  • Providing a turnkey solution that is easy to plug and play
  • Cutting down on admin costs, transaction errors and fraud
  • Raising product awareness and increasing customer loyalty, which results in quick launch to market for new products
  • Enabling field teams to increase the distribution depth
  • Creating a secure and improved invoice-to-cash cycle
  • Enabling efficiency and companies to scale better
  • Ultimately, creating market share growth and profitability

FIGJAM’s Van Sales App

FIGJAM’s Van Sales app plugs directly into your secure web portal, which converts real-time data into valuable business analytics that will guide your every move. Let us help you make waves and become a more successful small-scale distribution business in Africa.