Flexible & Comprehensive

Van Sales Technology

Improving the way products are ordered,

sold and delivered.

What does our Van Sales solution comprise of?

  • A web based portal for managers to oversee all operations.
  • An android app for field reps to carry out tasks assigned.


Bringing value to your organisation

  • Providing a turnkey solution that is easy to plug and play
  • Cutting administration costs, transaction errors and fraud
  • Raising product awareness, customer loyalty, and quick launch to market for new products
  • Enabling field teams to increase the distribution depth
  • Creating a secure and improved invoice-to-cash cycle
  • Enabling companies to scale better
  • Ultimately, creating market share growth and profitability

Dynamic functionality & user friendly interface

  • Boost field force productivity
  • Improve Cross-sell/Up-sell opportunities
  • Offline BCP
  • Accountability & transparency
  • Efficient & Effective Route & Cycle Management
  • Security verification
  • In-field transactions & mobile receipt printing


Record stock leaving and re-entering warehouse paired with security check to alert HQ of variances in these levels.


Carry out assigned routes according to list in app which updates stock levels in real-time via internet. 


Provide instant invoicing, stock on hand infomation as well as increase your sales numbers and boost your company’s image as you assist your customer quickly and accelerate delivery.

Coming Soon: Van Sales Reporting!

Advanced reports allow you to preview total sales results, routes driven and your staff’s efficiency. Reports can be generated by routes or by sales, and cover all drivers, or each one individually. The driver’s most visited places are highlighted by colourful zones on the map. The reporting feature is the ideal tool for a company’s owner or manager, allowing you to fully and easily monitor and evaluate your mobile business