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FIGJAM’s Van Sales app is designed to revolutionise small-scale distribution in Africa. With our software solution, you can mobilise your warehouse, bring stock directly to your customers and streamline the sales and distribution process.

Small scale sales from van in Africa
small scale distribution africa

Small-scale Distribution

African entrepreneurs have to work hard and fast to make it in the world of small-scale distribution. The key to success is knowing who and where your customers are and what their ordering patterns are. FIGJAM’s Van Sales app takes the guesswork out of the game.

It helps you know where you are going, who you need to supply, and exactly what you need to supply them with so that you become your own mobile distribution centre. With our user-friendly mobile app, you can stock up your vehicles with all the right products, and simplify your daily operations. Work offline, capture real-time data on site, and sync all information with your ERP software so that you and your office team always have your fingers on the pulse.

Our Van Sales solution offers you the opportunity to increase sales, significantly reduce business costs, and cut down on admin errors. The result is improved customer satisfaction, which ultimately translates to more sales and greater profitability.

Benefits of Van Sales

Our sales force automation tool makes the sales process more efficient by:

Create efficiencies

Develop effective route and cycle management processes and leverage cross-sell/up-sell opportunities to improve product awareness and distribution depth.

Improve transparency

Empower your van sales reps to sell better, facilitate in-field transactions and improve stock/cash-up processes.

Cut costs

Tackle the intrinsic high operational costs of van sales to save heavily throughout the supply chain. 

Lower risks

Minimise the risk of fraud and stock exposure with security personnel sign-offs and variance reporting.

Work smarter

Maximise your van sales operation, generate value-driven insights and enable resource scalability.

Van Sales Features

Cycle Management


Create and manage Cycles and the activities to take place within them.


Create and manage customer visit routes.

Check-ins & outs

Field teams are able to report their visits to customers.

Geo-tagging & Timestamping

All activities are geo-tagged and timestamped.


Perform sales in the field.


Reverse sales transactions and credit-note customers.

Mobile Receipt Printing

Print receipts for customers using a mobile printer.


Load stock onto the van/vehicle as per the stock transfer sheet to initiate a cycle.


Unload stock upon the return of the van sales rep to initiate the close-up of a cycle and reconcile against the system.

Cash Up

Cash-up payments received in the field and reconcile against the system.

Checker Sign-offs

Have designated personnel sign-off on stock loading, unloading and cash-ups.

Admin & Reporting


Set up multiple currencies to trade in and their respective exchange rates.

Multi-Payment Types

Set up multiple payment types/methods to trade with.

Cycle Report

View and analyse cycles and and variances in stock and cash that occurred.

Native Web reporting and export tools

Web users can view, analyse and export data/information from the web portal.

Custom Dashboards

FIGJAM’s data team builds analytical dashboards to meet client specific reporting requirements.


FIGJAM’s success team guides new clients in setting up their platforms

FIGJAM’s technical support team is available 14/7 to assist clients with any queries and challenges.

FIGJAM’s success team ensures clients and their system users are educated and trained on the products and services.


Sales Integration

Post sales and credit notes from the field in real-time to the ERP

Store Integration

Customer lists are automatically maintained from the ERP

Product Integration

Product listings are automatically maintained from the ERP

Price Integration

Pricing is automatically maintained and updated from the ERP

Warehouse Integration

Stock On Hand at the warehouse is synchronised from the ERP and visible to the field team

Direct store deliver Africa

Our software brings value to your organisation by:

  • Providing a turnkey solution that is easy to plug and play
  • Cutting down on admin costs, transaction errors and fraud
  • Raising product awareness and increasing customer loyalty, which results in quick launch to market for new products
  • Enabling field teams to increase the distribution depth
  • Creating a secure and improved invoice-to-cash cycle
  • Enabling efficiency and companies to scale better
  • Ultimately, creating market share growth and profitability

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